Door Entry & Intercom Systems

Advanced Digital Security Limited install a wide range of door entry systems with the knowledge and experience to ensure we select the appropriate solution for your requirements.

A system will consist of a panel outside the entrance door with a single or multiple buttons (when installed in a blocks of flats).  Door Entry systems can range from a simple one way audio entry to sophisticated digital systems covering multiple flats and entrances Рwith or without video.

Inside the property there will be a wall mounted handset. When the caller presses the call button, the handset will ring. A 2-way conversation can then take place. Pressing the release button on the hand set will release the electric lock on the entrance door to allow access.


Door Entry Systems Available

  • Full range of audio and video systems for high or low rise properties
  • Multi door to single capability
  • Multi site systems controlled by master concierge control centres
  • Compatible with all access control systems (including PAC, KMS and Paxton)
  • Compatible with all electric locking systems
  • BS Stainless Steel panels
  • Tried and tested